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Building Construction & Renovation

Shrink wrapping is considered the most effective way to protect and cover products and buildings. It provides complete weatherproof background for your construction project in New Zealand. It makes the project complete on time without any delays.

Shrink wrap on your construction site makes it:

  • Weather proof
  • Durable as it does not detach from the scaffolding and flap.
  • Extra safe.

Shrink-Wrap designs and installs shrink wrap which winterize the building and gives drum tight containment which saves energy of heating the work environment and eliminates and possibility of delay due to weather.

Our shrink-Wrap solutions are quick to install, rigid and totally weather tight. Shrink-Wrap eliminates the need for heavy time consuming tarpaulins that leak and flap. Shrink-Wrap allows natural light in and also allows all trades to work in all weather conditions. In winter, weather contained buildings can still operate internal heating systems

Shrink-Wrap carries the full range of zipper doors, windows and ventilation ducts. These are simple to install and can often make a significant difference for access as well as getting materials off and on the site. Call us for advice on the design requirements for your weather containment needs and a free quote.

What is Shrink Wrap?

A shrink Wrap Material is tough, weather-resistant polythene which is widely used in construction and renovation industry to protect an under construction buildings or structure from the climate changes as they are not very strong to sustain unfavorable weather conditions. It also helps workers to protect the site from inclement weather.

In the rainy season, it is almost impossible to work at an under construction site or renovation site. But, if your site is protected with the shrink wrap than the work will not be suffer in case of rainy climate.

Advantages of shrink wrapping of an under construction/renovation site

Safety : An under construction/Renovation site is very unsafe for the workers as well as the general public passing by the project. Shrink wrap will cover the whole site so that it won’t be endanger anyone’s life.

No Delays : It provides complete weather proof or leak proof background to your running project. So, the work will not stop during odd-weather.

Savings : Shrink wrapping is a simple and cost-effective solution to look after the under construction/renovation sites.

Here at Shrink-wrap we are a team of highly qualified professionals able to provide better service. Who provide greater service Across the New Zealand with head office in Christchurch. Please do contact us to discuss your requirements.