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Marine / Boat Shrink Wrapping Services NZ

Shrink wrap is a polyethylene film that is used to cover up the item or ship shrunken tight creating a protective covering of skin from snow, ice, wreckage and nesting animals. It comes in the number of sizes and thickness depending on what is required for the purpose and period of protection that will be needed.

It also guards from the pollution and industrial fall out that can be in the air and settle causing damage to gel coat. It provides with extra layer of safety which is used to UV protect for protection for you watercraft, vehicle, machinery or personal valuable and property like yachts and boats.

Why Shrink Wrap?

  • To protect against weather and transportation scratch
  • To eliminate any weather-related losses
  • To add a layer of safeguard in regards to damage
  • To eliminate moisture and mildew problems
  • To make storage if possession durable, cost effective and completer protection against elements

Managing environmental hazards is now a critical part of marine industry construction and maintenance. Shrink-Wrap have fully embraced these needs and our marine tents can be constructed to manage requirements like extractor fans, ducting systems etc. where overspray and other bi-products require particular management.

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Marine Shrink Wrapping Services New Zealand

Shrink Wrap Services in New Zealand Introduces shrink wrap service. Shrink wrap your Marine wrap it up right with Shrink wrap we are the experts who do it accurate. Minimize you winter damage, save on spring maintenance and prep for summer use.

Shrink wrap your Marine and increase that additional layer of protection to your Marine as part of your winterization procedure. By appropriately shrink wrapping your boat it can last for years providing water proof and UV protection for you watercraft, vehicle, machinery or personal valuable and property.

We provide our services in Christchurch, Canterbury, Auckland, South Island, Queenstown, Dunedin, Otago, Ashburton, Nelson and more cities.