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Continuing to move ever forward, in 2003 the Violets released their 2nd CD, “Fragile.” Over 8 years in the making, Fragile provides a look at Shrinking Violets’ life and observations. By occasionally adding musicians to their stage act, Shrinking Violets provide additional texture and balance to an already integrated sound. Look for SV in the near future at a venue near you.

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This song was written on September 12th, 2001.  May all of us remember those that lost their lives that day.


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May 06, 2003 / MARK BIALCZAK
MUSIC CRITIC / Syracuse Post-Standard
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Shrinking Violets

The husband-and-wife team of Darryl and Julia Murdock know that the viola and cellova are perfect instruments for folk music.

The former Syracusans have put together a powerful second album from their new home state of Vermont.

"Fragile" allows both Murdocks to shine when taking lead vocals. Darryl's guitar work and Julia's play on the strings usually reserved for classical music blend together for a rich, vibrant sound.

The pair combined to write a song about Sept. 11 that deserves to be recognized among the best anywhere inspired by that tragic day.

"Be Strong for Me" tells the tale of a man who calls his wife from the 96th floor of one of the Twin Towers soon after the plane hits.

Julia sings: "Buildings are swaying. And people are praying. Be strong for me. And I see your face on the edge of that cloud. Been meaning to tell you how you make me proud. I remember the moment we first said hello."

It's tragically sad to connect with Julia's delivery of such sweet and strong words.

"Fragile" has 12 songs and runs 53 minutes, 48 seconds.

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