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Safety Nets Service & Installation


We produce a wide range of nets for scaffolding protection.

Safety nets are the most effective collective protection system in sectors such as construction, as they allow people and objects to fall from height during the construction of buildings, industrial warehouses, bridges, etc. at the same time that it allows total mobility of workers over the area covered by the network, so that it does not limit or prevent them from carrying out their work.

Our goal is to reduce as much as possible the possible risks of worker accidents and falling materials, which exist in any work at height, with quality, safe, flexible products that can be easily installed. This will allow to generate a suitable and safe work environment, optimizing the times and the performance of the workers.

What do we do?

We provide advice throughout the project, construction, assembly and post-sale stage, guaranteeing the proper use and operation of our products.

We have collaborators and external advisors, who work together with our departments, expanding the range of capabilities and generating greater value to the products and services we offer.

We enhance our experience, generating trust in our clients and companies, so that they continue to choose us in each work and project, achieving safe, orderly, clean and efficient works, with social responsibility and sustainability.

Safety Netting Installation Services in Christchurch

Shrink Wrap have been providing safety netting installation services in Christchurch for over last few years. We have a wide range of experience in the installation of all types of safety nets, including roof safety netting, facade safety netting, and sports netting.

We take safety seriously, and our team are fully qualified and insured to carry out all types of safety net installation. We also offer a comprehensive after-sales service, so you can be sure your nets will be maintained and repaired if necessary.